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Maintenance is what makes your property look as good as new and last longer. Regular cleaning of roofs and gutters, for example, helps retain the beauty of the roofing materials and the entire structure. You do not want to spend large sums of money for repairs or replacements that are avoidable. When it comes to roof cleaning in Napier, Hawke's Bay, Big John's the name you can trust.

Big John and his wife Claire started the business with the goal of helping clients maintain their property and prevent unnecessary repairs in the future. Initially a pest control specialist, the company grew and added roof and gutter cleaning to their line of services. Since then, Big John's has been receiving enquiries and service requests from home and business owners across the Hawke's Bay area. Give us a call whenever your roof needs professional cleaning.

When to Clean Your Roof

At Big John's we believe that every day is a perfect day to clean your roof, unless the weather interferes. As qualified roof & gutter cleaners, we recommend checking and cleaning your roof before and after every season. Removing leaves and other debris from the roof and the gutters should be part of your preparation for the rainy days. This will help prevent clogs and other problems, such as leaks and mould infestation. For your safety, Big John's suggests that you let our cleaning specialists do the job for you.

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Not only do we clean your roof & gutter, we give you an idea about the condition of your gutter system. Some of our clients do not know their gutter needs repair until we perform a cleaning service.

When you hire the services of Big John's you gain access to:

  • Timely, professional and affordable service.
  • Honest assessment and quote.
  • Gutter care and maintenance tips.
  • Complete information on your gutter condition.

Call 0508 BIGJOHN (2445646) to find out more about our roof and gutter cleaning services. Send an email to to request a quote or book a service.

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All prices are GST incl. and are based on average dimensions. For an estimate please contact us.

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